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8.1 tiktok video

Many TikTok videos tend to be music-focused, with creators and brands leveraging the app's vast catalogue of sound effects, music snippets, and filters to record 60-second short clips of an untold number of video topics.

8.2 tiktok video ad

These ads are full-screen videos of 5 to 60 seconds that appear in a user’s “For You” feed.

8.3 tiktok topview ad

Top of Feed, Top of Mind. TopView is a video-first format that presents your brand on the best and unmissable placement of TikTok, capturing full user attention with sight, sound and narrative.

8.4 tiktok branded hashtag

Branded Hashtags have transformed the way that brands interact with their audiences. With a Branded Hashtags your brand can spark trends and cultural movements by issuing participatory challenges to the TikTok Community. 

8.5 tiktok brand takeover

A Brand Takeover is a full-screen ad that is displayed when the user first opens Tik Tok. The ad can be linked to a brand’s landing page or a Hashtag within TikTok. These takeovers are exclusive to different categories each day – so only one specific brand can take over a category each day. By using full-screen mode, the brand draws the user's attention. So this format is perfect for maximum exposure and reach.

8.6 tiktok filter

You can use TikTok filters and effects to add visual enhancements when making a video on the app.